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Mainfinex: The Panacea to the Future

Mainfinex: The Panacea to the Future


MAINFINEX offers a trusted exchange that crypto traders can use to make informed trades and participate in the cryptocurrency market. At the time of launch, MAINFINEX offers 15 different cryptocurrency pairs, all of which include USDT. The MAINFINEX cryptocurrency exchange offers something for every type of trader, regardless of experience level. Beginners will appreciate the intuitive interface and the fact that MAINFINEX uses Tradingview charts, which have numerous online tutorials for guidance. Advanced traders will appreciate the hundreds of drawing tools, the vast quantity of indicators, and high level of customization for charts.
Challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges today:
● Failure to apply global financial practices, and poor interface
● Large number of exchanges with little differentiation which complicates the choice of platform for operations
● Large number of unsuccessful traders losing money
● Pain points that are still there.

Our understanding of the needs of the key trading parties in digital exchanges comes down to the concept “Traders seek liquidity and investors need profitability.”
  1. Liquidity and profitability
A mechanism we could build in to solve the problems of traders and long-term investors based on the exchange policy related to
trading fees:
  • Flexible interest rate depending on the volume, thus reducing the trading fee. The more activity in a trading section, the cheaper it is for that section
  • Fees reduced in case of severe price deviation. To reduce volatility and slippage and thus increase liquidity, market-making traders creating liquidity will be charged at a lower rate. The increase in volumes triggered by the reduced fee in case of price deviation will help smoothen out volatility.
  1. Reliability
Traders bearing losses have a regressive fee scale depending on the volume of the loss. This mechanism serves to mitigate the consequences of unfavorable deals for a trader.
  1. Sustainability “Back to the battle” Traders who have lost money but made it to the daily TOP 100 based on the volume will receive tokens compensating all the fees they paid or part of the losses. This will help stimulate liquidity in the exchange and create best cryptocurrency market conditions for arbitrage funds. Such funds account for up 80% of transaction in fiat exchanges.
  2. Concept: gaming elements of the exchange, buttons, etc. “Titles and statuses” With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the world of finance has been transformed. It has to be clear and relevant for our users since the key audience of the exchange is 25-38 years old. Which means they played DOOM 2 when they were school students (in 1994). Why can’t we give simple names to complex financial instruments? It was the stunts and dirty tricks that guys in suits from investment banks played that eventually caused the mortgage crisis. We have selected the most popular financial instruments that we can provide. They can be understood and activated in one click. We have chosen simple names for them:
● "Forecast”
This button activates an analytical indicator used by most profitable traders
● "Call for help”
Activates a trading robot that will close transactions for you based on algorithms. Trading robots will be provided by successful third party funds
● "Stop me”
Block trading activity for two days. This is a mechanism that successful traders recommend to newbies. Breaks in trading activity help increase the accuracy of decisions and overall profitability
● "Join the group”
This function lets the user transfer money to a pool of professional traders. Similar to PAMM accounts in forex companies
● “Saving up for retirement”
10% from each profitable transaction will be automatically transferred to the annual/call deposit. Many experienced traders who work for themselves do not care about savings because trading is a constant source of big income. Having such a long-term deposit is one of the key ways to ensure security and can even save a family in the bad times
● “Work for us”
Traders without substantial deposits but with free working hours can make money by performing important tasks for the exchange, like in Amazon Mechanical Turk
● “Vanity fair”
Most successful traders may share their divine trading strategies in a master class for traders, with payment in our tokens.
  1. To benefit from certain options like the trading robot or funds management, users will be required to perform specific actions, e.g.: Purchasing exchange tokens. Equivalent free options: e.g., reposting our news daily throughout a month, which will also help expand the user’s subscriber base.
  2. Purchasing liquidity from “mini exchanges”
A partner exchange that will provide liquidity for trading in our exchange or display our depth of market diagram on its website will receive all the relevant fees collected in our tokens. This is how this mechanism works. Mini exchanges have a permanent audience of traders creating liquidity but due to the small volumes, the mutual liquidity among the participants is low and transactions are infrequent. This is a case of “the chicken or the egg” problem. The more users there are, the more frequently the transactions occur between the same users. Accordingly, a mini exchange will be able to increase the volume of fees collected by 3-4 times by using this opportunity.
  1. IEO sale
A shopping cart with all kinds of tokens. Includes both potentially successful and unsuccessful coins that cannot afford to pay the listing fee on their own. We collect the entire pool in a cart and sell it as one portfolio at a greatly reduced price. This gives unsuccessful ICO projects an opportunity to return part of the invested funds. And the users buying such assets at a rate below the cost level have more chances of profiting from price growth. The higher risk of unsuccessful projects in the portfolio compensated by the low price and the potentially high profitability is the key incentive.
  1. Exchange Tutorial
Just like in complex computer games such as urban construction simulators or turn-based strategies, at the first stage the player is taught how to use the game’s functionalities before he starts playing it in the full mode. Finance and cryptocurrencies have never been simple. Every individual financial instrument is based on a complex concept. The simplicity of starting to trade cryptocurrencies and the lack of regulation in the market result in a situation when most traders lose their money and investments. The tutorial works the same simple way, providing prompts on the sequence of the steps in the exchange. We will cooperate with several financial regulators to improve this instrument in order to develop new instruments that will help mitigate the risk of losses for each individual trader. At the end, many of the regulators’ tasks come down to managing the consequences of the great financial gap between trading parties.

Information correct at time of going to type. For updated information, go to Mainfinex Exchange web platform (Mainfinex Exchange website).
Note: In the event of conflict between this information and the information on the Mainfinex Exchange Website, the information on the Mainfinex Exchange Website will prevail.
Here, I present to you Mainfinex- The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange, Mainfinex!!!
Mainfinex Exchange website
Mainfinex Exchange WhitePaper
ETH Address: 0x49d576e54C78e17E4451E7eF9f1d9C8e55360661
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Crypto exchange trade. Remember psychology!
Crypto Exchange is a high-tech platform in which all trade transactions are conducted using modern software created based on the latest IT solutions. The emergence of new types of currencies, in particular cryptocurrencies, gives a chance for the rapid development of the world economy as a whole. In turn, structural changes in the international economic system gave impetus to the emergence and development of new types of exchange technologies. Thus, crypto exchanges appeared which allowed its participants anywhere in the world to buy, sell and exchange one cryptocurrency for others, or for fiat of other countries. Each crypto exchange tries to offer customers convenient ways to convert financial instruments, and provides the ability to conduct transactions on its own terms. The high rates of development and distribution of cryptocurrencies, which are based on Blockchain, as well as the gradual wide recognition by the world community and leading economists, ensure the further improvement of exchange technologies. This means that in an effort to provide the most comfortable conditions for its customers, each crypto exchange will take them to an ever-higher quality level of service with innovative nuances. But at the same time, within the framework of the technological process of stock trading, which is available to users (from professional traders to amateurs), the question of psychology and its role in the decision making has not been canceled. Successful trading depends on 70% primarily on the psychology of a trader and only 30% on the trading scheme/strategy.
Trading on the exchange, it is necessary to develop discipline, self-control and be able to respond quickly to changing stock charts. All this will allow you to earn and minimize your losses more effectively. Everyone should remember, from the amateur to the professional, that in the financial markets you can not only earn money, but also lose money. Cryptocurrency rates are still subject to political and regulatory influences; their value is influenced by the reputation of the company's founders, informational insertions about blockchain projects and plans for their further development, scandals and disclosures. Nevertheless, there are simple rules for successful trading from the field of psychology, which will reduce the risks when trying to make money on cryptocurrency and not only. There are a number of problems that always hinder every beginner - amateur:
· Excitement
· Fear
· Greed
· Unwillingness to learn new things
· Imaginary visualization of results
All these problems have psychological aspects. Emotions, feelings and desires significantly influence the trading decisions made by the trader. This happens all the time, not only on traditional exchanges, but also in the cryptocurrency sphere as well. Excitement is an emotional state when it seems to a person that he is lucky, and as the series of successful transactions continues, he performs larger by volume financial transactions. Often, the excitement motivates to turn away from long-term transactions and trends, and look towards short-term operations. After all, it seems that the more often you successfully complete operations, the more capital you earn. Not at all! The more often you make mistakes, leading to a default on your account. Money only is earned on long-term trends and operations. Traders are often worried, fearing an unsuccessful deal closing.
Of course, a loss is bad, but sometimes it is better to close a position in minus than to lose a large amount only because of the hope of a quick price reversal. Therefore, fear often pushes for the wrong strategic decisions. Fear of loss as a result becomes a sentence for your positioning in profit. On the same face with fear, if not strange, is the factor of greed. Having essentially a different source of inspiration, greed, like fear, leads to a generally pitiable result — to the default of your trading account. The reluctance to learn new strategies, technologies, and denial of forecasting also leads to failure. Successful is who always strives to learn new things, and perceives the fact and necessity of continuous learning. Since learning is a process of striving for the progress of its results and professional qualities. Another scourge - Wish list or visualization. Everyone wants to see the price move in the right direction. This is pretty dangerous. By visualizing the price jump in the right direction, you can dream and invest too much in cryptocurrency. This will lead to losses. Here you should always remember to diversify your investments. Remember your psychological portrait even when you program your trading strategies, algorithms and bots. After all, your algorithm is essentially your psychological portrait. Finally, the above-mentioned flaws, especially in the strategy can dominate and damage your deposit and reputation. The main signs of competent crypto-trade are the same as on other exchanges (such as FOREX). This is a kind of algorithm for a sustainable profit strategy:
· Risk no more than 10% of the deposit
· Use risk per trade of 5% or less
· Do not close profitable deals too early
· Do not accumulate losing trades
· Fix quick speculative profit
· Respect the trend
· Pay more attention to liquid assets (cryptocurrency)
· Set your personal entry and exit rules for trades and stick to them
· Long-term trading strategy gives you maximum steady profits
· Do not use the principles of Martingale tactics if there is no experience. You cannot double the volume of the transaction, if it closed in the red zone. If a loss was incurred, then the cryptocurrency market situation was predicted incorrectly and it was necessary to work on improving the analytical skills, and not to conclude a larger deal, which probably also closes in the negative
It is obvious that the psychology of trading significantly affects the performance of stock speculation both in the traditional market and in the field of cryptocurrency. It is important to remember that the success of a person in any field of activity depends on the emotional component, namely the internal balance. Exchange trading is a nervous activity, and if you do not learn to take emotions under control, the results can be disastrous. The basis for achieving success in stock trading, in my opinion, are two fundamental factors. The first factor relates to the field of formulation of the trading idea, and the second - to the area of ​​its implementation.
To formulate a trading idea, on the one hand, methods of technical and fundamental analysis are used to select an exchange instrument and determine the moment of opening and closing a position on it. On the other hand, capital management methods are used to determine the optimal size of the position being opened. As you know, without these two crucial moments it is impossible to achieve stable success in stock trading. As experience shows, for the most part, people have enough intelligence to master all the necessary theoretical knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis in a few months of intensive training. There are no special intellectual difficulties. But, as the same experience shows, this is clearly not enough for successful exchange trading, since all knowledge may turn out to be a useless load if the second success factor is not sufficiently present - the practical implementation of trading ideas, which is no longer based on the intellectual sphere, and psycho-emotional. It is within this area that the main problem arises for many traders, which prevents the receipt of stable profits. As a rule, this is due to the psycho-emotional profile of a person. It depends on how the trader will behave in the psychologically stressful situations that the exchange trading is full of. Inherent in all human emotions and feelings - fear, greed, excitement, envy, hope, etc. very often have a decisive influence on the behavior of traders, not allowing them to follow strictly the trading strategy and plan, even if they have one. From a psychological point of view, the process of stock exchange activity can be divided into stages, after which the trader can return to the starting point. The above scenarios and risk factors are one of the options for the behavior of an exchange speculator; however, it often happens exactly the opposite. Having suffered losses from his first transactions in the market, the trader loses interest in exchange trading, he gives up and he falls into despair. In this case, the first step to victory is the admission of defeat. It would seem silly and ridiculous, but it works. After that, there are two options: either the trader leaves the exchange forever, or returns to the battlefield. Such “returns” may occur more than once. In addition, at some other time, after repeated analysis of his actions, mistakes made and their consequences, a person from a beginner begins to turn into an experienced trader, which is marked by the stability of his activity and, perhaps, by slow, but surely growth of his deposit and profit. The psychological basis for success in trading, which leads to victory and the absence of which is equivalent to defeat, are as follows:
· It is not only the lack of self-control, discipline and focus on the process that causes the defeat
· Self-control, discipline and ability to concentrate is not enough to achieve success
· To achieve success, it is equally important to be able to adapt to changes
In principle, one can consider the idea that traditional approaches to the psychology of trading are limited. In the majority of benefits for traders, the key qualities necessary for successful exchange trading are only self-control and discipline. Of course, these qualities are necessary in any field of business activities. Trading is not an exception, especially considering that it is in the risk zone. But self-control and discipline are not enough to achieve success. Trading is a business. Moreover, any business does not stand still. You cannot find a formula for success and use it forever. You will need to monitor trends and constantly look for new successful solutions.
The main feature of a successful trader is adaptability to changes. The lack of development leads to defeat, large monetary losses. Many technology companies continued to produce stationary computers when laptops became popular. The same companies continued to produce laptops when tablets appeared and became popular. The products of these companies were of high quality, and their employees organized pre-set tasks in an organized manner. But they lost large sums due to the fact that they could not adapt to changes in demand. If we draw a parallel with the sphere of investment, the similarities will become noticeable. The stock market, like any other subject to change. One period is replaced by another. Those methods that allowed achieving success in the previous period can lead to failure in the current. The key concept in stock trading is volatility. The change in this indicates the onset of a new period. When volatility increases, trade becomes more risky. Accordingly, with a decrease in this indicator, the degree of risk during trading operations decreases. With a high level of volatility, trends most often unfold. Strong and weak positions can be swapped out. With a high level of volatility, trends continue for some time. From the foregoing, it should be concluded that market processes and methods during periods of high and low volatility differ strongly. You cannot use the same methods during changing market trends. Often it is the adherence to the previous methods, excessive discipline leads to collapse as well. The fact that the investor was defeated does not mean that he suddenly became morally unstable, unorganized. Trading is trading.
Therefore, we have every right to assert that under the psychology of trade in the markets is meant human preparedness for the risks that inevitably accompany any activity. Trading on the stock exchange is based on the interaction of the three most important components: capital management, analysis, and the psychology of trading (which cannot be considered in conjunction with the other aspects of trading). The psychology of human behavior is a source for understanding what is happening in financial markets. The source for understanding the events occurring in the financial markets and the behavior of traders during exchange trading is the psychology of the human person. Emotions — greed, fear, doubt, hope, a sense of self-preservation — are peculiar to any person in life — are clearly manifested in the hard rhythm of decision-making during the dynamic course of exchange trading (which was partially considered above). Knowledge of the human psychology and their behavioral characteristics must be used to achieve success. The psychology of a trader is formed from a multitude of grains - it is a belief in what one does in the stock market, in one’s actions, in own system of one’s decisions, in trading method. In addition, the psychology of a trader is that one can unload oneself emotionally, one does not accept the intellectual challenge that the stock market carries. On the contrary, becomes restrained, calm when making decisions on operations in the stock market. There are many situations where a trader expresses his attention and focus; he does not disperse it on the tracking of news factors or on the receipt of stimuli from the news agencies. Consequently, the crowd psychology is the factor that makes prices move, therefore, in addition to assessing one's own psychological state, one must be sensitive to changes in the mood of other market participants, move in the flow, not against it, and then success will not take long.
Of course, you can argue that why do I need this psychology? After all, besides creating your own strategies and individual work, some exchanges (including crypto exchanges) allow minimizing risks by following the strategies of experienced traders; this service is called a PAMM account. PAMM provides an opportunity for clients (Subscribers) to follow the trading strategy of experienced and professional traders (Providers). Provider's trading results are publicly available. With the help of the rating of accounts, graphs of profitability and reviews of other traders, you can choose the most suitable Provider and begin to follow his strategy. Again, in this case, the provider is a human with all the ensuing consequences. And psychological aspects are not foreign to professionals as well, including victories and mistakes. The financial market attracts people the possibility of obtaining independence, including financial. A successful trader can live and work in any country in the world without having either a boss or subordinates. The motivation of people on the exchanges can be different: from getting a higher percentage than from a bank to making several thousand dollars a day. At the same time, there are two main categories of people in the financial market (including cryptocurrencies): investors who acquire assets or currency for a relatively long period, and speculators who profit from changes in the prices of certain assets for short periods. Many believe, an easy way to make money is not for everybody. First, the skillful use and manipulation of the psychological aspects of a human make it possible to become a speculator. And this, of course, in addition to knowledge and analytical skills. Experience shows that successful speculation is the right state of mind. It would seem that this is the simplest thing that can be acquired by human. But in fact, this self-tuning is available to very few. It is also necessary to distinguish the psychology of the market and the personal psychology of the trader. The behavior of the market as a whole depends on people, since it is the stock market crowd that determines its direction. However, quite often traders lose sight of the most important component of victory - managing their personal emotions, that is, their psychology. Without control over oneself, there can be no control over one’s trading capital. If a trader is not tuned to the trend range of the stock crowd, if he does not pay attention to changes in her psychology, then he will also not achieve significant success in trading. To succeed on the exchange, one needs to take a sober look at exchange trading, recognize its trends and their changes, and not waste time on dreams or lamenting about failures.
Any price of a financial instrument is a momentary agreement on its value, reached by a market crowd and expressed in the fact of a transaction, i.e. it is the equilibrium point between the players for a rise and a fall, or the "equilibrium" price. Crowds of traders create asset prices: buyers, sellers and fluctuating market watchers. Charts of prices and trading volumes reflect the psychology of the exchange. In addition, this is always worth remembering! After all, the main purpose of the presence of the analysis of psychology in stock trading is not the quantity, but the quality of transactions. A person striving to become a good trader needs to remember the words of DiNapoli, a well-known stock exchange trader: “The most important trading tool is not a computer, not a service for supplying information, or even methods developed by a trader. It is he himself! If a trader is not suitable for this - he should not trade at all”! Therefore, before pushing orders on the trading platform, think about whether you are suitable for this role.
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submitted by Golubyev_Sergiy to u/Golubyev_Sergiy [link] [comments] is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you

A currency exchange is a business or financial institution that has the legal right to exchange one currency for another currency to its customers. A currency exchange can be a stand-alone business or may be part of the services proposed by a bank or other financial institution. The currency exchange benefits from its services either through setting the exchange rate or taking a commission.The foreign exchange market is a global online network where traders buy and sell currencies. It sets the exchange rates for currencies with floating rates. is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you. Traders will be able to create a limitless number of PAMM accounts making opportunities for an investor to profit from their skills and hard work.
Thanks to a connection with multiple exchanges, traders can run several PAMM accounts on different platforms/exchanges simultaneously without any disruption.
Pick one of those issues, find the niche in the cryptocurrency space that's trying to solve it and then identify the top performers - those that are expropriating a significant portion of the total market cap flowing into the crypto-space. There are several altcoins you can invest in now that were built from the ground up to specifically solve each one of those problems.
submitted by coinsword666 to ICOAnalysis [link] [comments] is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts the facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you

Many financial institutions are sharing the heavy exploratory lifting by funding or joining partnerships to chase and deploy opportunities for individual and joint cost savings, such as with lower inter-bank settlement fees. Over 40 industry consortiums, mostly in the financial arena, are actively exploring blockchain use cases, developing rules and standards, and creating platforms for a range of economic activities including cross-border payments, asset management, and trading. Many of these consortiums serve as a kind of commercial international space station. All participants know that there are advantages to joint exploration and shared costs, but there is also competition at play in a still unexplored environment. is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts the facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you. Traders will be able to create an endless number of PAMM accounts making opportunities for an investor to profit from their skills and hard work. Thanks to a connection with multiple exchanges, traders can run several PAMM accounts on different platforms simultaneously without any disruption. PAMM is a platform that allows the professional trader to work with your money and make you a profit without the demand for your constant attention, eliminating any mental or physical stress related to investment in the crypto market. Traders don’t have access to investors’ money. They cannot withdraw it at any point.
However, the profit made after a trading session is shared between the trader and the investor using the designated percentage share stated from the onset by the PAMM trader.
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C3x Exchange

@Crypto_Card #cryptocreditcard #CCCR #CryptoCreditCard #C3 Multi-currency online wallet, conversion of currencies, cashback service, loan aggregator, C3x Exchange, C3 PAMM-acounts made by the C3 team Experience experts in the industry, this is a motivator for investors and will boost the project towards success. Today, many with interest follow the passage of ICO Crypto Credit Card LTD. After all, the idea with a multi-currency purse is really smart and useful, as the purse on the # C3 platform will allow users to store crypto currency, track the current balance, easily send and receive digital funds, perform all standard operations such as payment, transfer, and I think this is practically all interested. The platform is also needed for the creation of decentralized applications based on the block, using the so-called "smart contracts". In addition, it is also a programming language that opens new horizons for developers of programs and applications. will not experience any inconvenience such as creating banks. One currency and a complex exchange, not support for crypto currencies and so on. This problem is solved simply and conveniently in the C3 platform. And if there is a need for converting, withdrawing or investing money, obtaining loans on terms that satisfy both the average user and a large company, then the current banking or exchange systems are simply not capable of such functions at the moment. No more intermediaries, no predatory commissions and no understanding of the personnel. Clients will be able to work freely and safely not only with the crypto currency, but also with the dollar or dollar money, only it is necessary to link the crypto-account with MasterCard or Visa payment systems. ADD-ONS FOR C3 WALLET All functions of our platform will be created as single microservices. All these services together with the services of affiate partners will be working via API. Crypto Credit Card will provide full service marketplace for our customers. These add-ons can provide any kind of financial services – it could be assurance, investment or trading
API Wallet Allows developers to integrate their app into C3 enviroment through making an extension for the walletapp. It is available for users to install extensions from the directory. The clients will be able to open and use any application via main user interface of our web or mobile wallet
THIRD-PARTY ADD-ONS Each third party application will be manually moderated. Each application should conform to C3 platforms requirements and guidelines. We will carefully check that given application is bug free, secure and use-friendly
Preinstalled extensions Multi-currency online wallet, conversion of currencies, cashback service, loan aggregator, C3x Exchange, C3 PAMM-acounts made by the C3 team
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The C3 Credit Aggregator

The C3 Credit Aggregator is the best way for online searching and comparing financial products and services among all offers. In addition, users will be able to get recommendations in real time. Clients of the mobile bank C3 can choose the best loan offers from all partner banks and activate them in one click.
That’s why C3 is a revolutionary solution for the credit market, allowing users to choose and adapt services in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers. Unlike classic consumer lending, crypto lending is supported by the balance of Crypto-currency in the C3 account, which guarantees a minimum interest rate, the ability to convert funds from Crypto-currency to Fiat for daily expenses, and simultaneously to generate profit from Crypto-currency.
The rise in prices for crypto currency will help to ensure the beneficial use of credit. The client at any time can close the loan or a part of it or take a crypto currency as collateral. Thus, repayment of the principal debt and interest can occur through the growth of the rate of the crypto currency. The client will now be able to pay off the debt offline, without the need to refinance or look for other options for repayment.
The C3 Credit Aggregator C3 will create its own crypto-exchange, which will allow customers to trade digital currencies.
C3 PAMM account is an investment service that enables investors to earn money without trading on their own. Managing client funds, the manager receives an additional income. The manager makes transactions on the account, using both his personal capital and the funds of his investors. Profits and losses on the account are divided between the manager and investors, based on their share in the account.
If the manager receives a profit, the amount of funds on the PAMM-account increases, and the profit is distributed between the manager and investors on the basis of the amount of their initial investment.
Investors pay the manager some of their profits in the form of compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the initial offer of the investment manager and depends on the amount invested.
Another feature of the project is the possibility of using crypto currency, laid by its placement in trust funds.
The trust management service will operate on the C3 platform. Professional traders will be able to profit up to 20% per month from the amount that is on the crypto-currency account. This will allow the client to repay principal and interest in a passive mode.
C3 uses the directive PSD2, thanks to which the user does not have to open accounts in many banks. Through our credit aggregator offers, people get access to all accounts of European banks.
There are no more restrictions on interbank transfers.
C3 opens up new possibilities!
Information technology requires financial institutions to provide access to their various products and services through interfaces application programming (API). C3 uses this solution for its platform products.
Crypto Credit Card developed a marketing plan aimed at spreading the C3 platform globally and for quick recognition in the market. The user engagement plan is based on a number of key strategies that will be used over the next three years, focusing on advertising in social networks and personal presentations.
Today, the main advantages of digital transformation for the participants of the credit services sales sector are the multiple reduction of costs and the acceleration of the introduction of new products to the market. Creating partnerships or working with companies in related areas also allows you to access new client segments.
Providing people with additional opportunities to earn, through the platform, will stimulate the activity and enthusiasm of customers. This will provide greater liquidity within the engine, which keeps the spreads low and generates high overall volumes.
Users will receive bonuses for participating in the Crowdsdale and for activity within the C3 platform. When the platform is launched, customers will be rewarded for registering and creating a wallet, installing extensions and linking to friends.
Link: White paper: BitcoinTalk: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: Medium:
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С3 - platform for people's justice

Friends, today I will tell you what the CRYPTO CREDIT CARD project offers.
The CRYPTO CREDIT CARD project will be able to work through all the existing problems in the banking sector and will be interested in its innovative product not only for private clients, but also for investors and traders. The project has so many plans for the future that it is very difficult to list all of them. The platform is built on the basis of blocking technology. The world is so tired of deception that the technology of blockade has become for each of us a pure spring of transparent water amidst the boundless desert. In the blockroom you can write down any important information. It is not subject to removal and modification, which excludes once and for all the possibility of any fraudulent fraud after an important operation. And the technology used smart-contracts is the most honest intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, who can really be trusted even when carrying out a very large transaction.
- The platform will connect traditional finance and digital assets. Users will be able to carry out transactions around the world using a plastic card, electronic wallet, SWIFT-transfer, SEPA-transfer and various crypto-currencies. CRYPTO CREDIT CARD will provide a miniature bank in the hands of each client.
- Thanks to the platform, users can interact directly with the financial services of intermediaries, but at the same time independently monitor their assets.
- Adding a large number of external financial services, access to which each user can get directly through this platform.
- With the help of the platform, users will be able to do what was once possible only by signing agreements with several separate financial companies: storage, transfer and cashing of funds; investing in stocks, bonds and digital assets, managing them; loans and mortgages. Now for all these services you need one multifunctional platform - CRYPTO CREDIT CARD
- The modular design of the system provides access to numerous services, without overloading the user, and without compromising the operation of the system as a whole. The client adds only the necessary functions by installing the purse extensions from the add-ons directory.
The advantages of the project:
- Now users without access to complex and numerous banking procedures will be able to access local currency. They do not need to pay hundreds of dollars as a commission for exchange or as payment for service. The platform will become a large-scale system that will ensure converting and transferring money around the world with a minimum interest. Payment facilities can be used in almost 200 countries, more than 36 million receiving points. Partnership agreements on the issue of cards with large companies engaged in credit cards have been formed.
- Create a multi-currency purse, which will be attached to a plastic card and can be used around the world.
- Ability to receive cashback, when buying goods and services using Crypto Credit Card in various retail chains, hypermarkets, cafes, restaurants with which a cooperation agreement will be concluded. Cashback will be up to 30 percent of the amount spent.
- Asset management takes place through a single center: with applications developed for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, users enter online banking and get instant access to assets. The center, which manages finances, is understandable on an intuitive level, operates on a modern platform, is distinguished by its original design. To invest, exchange, charge, transfer easily and comfortably.
- Favorable conditions for loans. Using the technology of blocking, the user will be able to choose the loan appropriate to his requests. The project will monitor and collect the best proposals for consumer loans and micro credit markets. The user will be given the opportunity to pass through the repayment of interest and principal.
- Creation of an investment service - PAMM - an account that will allow investors to earn money without trading on their own, and providing this function to the manager.
- Use of the CCCR token to perform all operations within the site, the demand for which will constantly grow due to the expansion of the client base.
And the most important = The maximum level of security is ensured: This was achieved thanks to the comprehensive research of the crypto currency market. All the incidents that took place on trading platforms were analyzed. As a result, the light was seen by an advanced security system that provides tracking of potential threats, eliminating compromising data, stealing funds.
The platform will be appreciated by users, for whom safety and trust are paramount.
The exchange of crypto-currency is unique: the project provides round-the-clock access to the crypto-currency market. Legal norms are observed without fail. The toolkit intended for financial analysis is effective.
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How to bring security and accountability to Privileged Access Management Tutorial #PAMM #InstaForex dan Forex Copy PAMM investing for Dummies PAMM FOR INVESTORS EXTENDED Earn 100$ with sign with link EURoUs ... without Investment Try once friends Investment PAMM account (LiteForex) Copy trade dan pamm account solusi bagi investor mengembangkan modal lewat profesional trader

The LP PAMM account is the first choice that requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 and in this case you can leave your funds entirely up to the Dukascopy bank who will manage their profitability. Within the Standard PAMM account, this is down to the operation of a money manager and includes MAM, PAMM, and LAMM account features and capabilities. Ciri penting dari PAMM-system adalah kesempatan untuk membuat variasi dari resiko investasi dana dari PAMM-Investors ke PAMM-accounts dari akun Managing Traders; hal ini mengurangi resiko kerugian. InstaForex menyediakan PAMM-Traders dengan inovasi unik: penerimaan investasi dari investor dalam satu PAMM-account , saat ini tidak ada perusahaan broker yang menawarkan kesempatan seperti ini. More information about the Russian Trading Way to success PAMM account managed by INVEST BANK. Investing in PAMM accounts provide an excellent source of passive income. Investors Bank Telephone Banking (855-422-6548) will be available as of 8 AM; ATM services are scheduled to be operational at 8:30 AM; Tuesday, April 7, 2020: ATM services are scheduled to be operational at the Farmingdale, Islandia and Huntington Gold Coast branches; About Us Branch Locations Customer Support FAQs Careers Call 855-iBank4U (855-422-6548) Investors Bank welcomes you to enjoy ... Investors place funds in the manager’s account and the manager’s positive trading outcomes are reflected in the PAMM Account rating which, in turn, serves as an advertisement for the PAMM Account. The manager trades, generating profits which attracts further investment and a larger amount of funds is traded on behalf of investors. PAMM: Investors. Make your money work for you. A smarter way to earn. Invest in trades of pro money managers. Interested in forex trading and investing but don`t know where to start? – Just allocate some funds among PAMM accounts of top professional money managers and let them do all the hard work to earn money for you! Get Started. Reasons to get started. Advantages for investors. No prior ... This are the Investors Bank branches in Florida available on our website. We put at your disposal all the information you might need to do your banking at Investors Bank branch in Florida (United States). Investors Bank branches and ATMs in Florida. See below the listing of cities in the state of Florida where you can find a Investors Bank branch. Hialeah. High Springs. Hobe Sound. Holiday ... For Our Investors. Check out the current stock price and latest earnings. And use our returns calculator to work out the dividend you can expect. Plus, get our filings and reports and find out more about our governance measures. Find what you need Join the Team. Just starting out or looking for your next move? Either way, we’ve got opportunities at all levels. Develop yourself and your ... For Investor. Invest now. PAMM service of AccentForex it’s limitless possibilities for Investor’s earnings. The forex market is very mobile and can change its direction several times a day. To extraction of profit from every movements, you need to clearly forecast the time and direction of each transaction. Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM). is a technical solution that allows creating an unlimited number of Investors’ accounts under one “Trader” account or Manager account for the work at Forex market, with the help of which the managing trader control their own capital and aggregate capital of investors. The funds from all Investors on the Trader’s account are traded as one ...

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How to bring security and accountability to Privileged Access Management

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Our company is engaged in the organization of financial flows through PAMM-scores in the world foreign exchange market, We cooperate only with the best banks of the world. Get $101 upon signup ... Hear how Investors Bank leverages our next-gen PAM solution, One Identity Safeguard, to ensure privileged accounts are properly managed and attested. Discussing PAMM Account investment system with Esther Oyanna - Duration: 19:51. Channels Television 6,038 views. 19:51 . Make a Living in 1 Hour a Day Trading the 3 Bar Play!! - Duration: 34:34 ... Copy trade dan pamm account solusi bagi investor mengembangkan modal lewat profesional trader Perkembangan teknologi saat ini begitu cepat itu berupa gadget maupun kecepatan internet juga software ... Tutorial ikut PAMM InstaForex Masuk ke cabinet daftar sebagai PAMM INVESTOR dan Gabung ke PAMM FOR INVESTORS EXTENDED FXTM. Loading... Unsubscribe from FXTM? ... Central Bank, OPEC and Gold: The week in 60 seconds FXTM 02/12/2019 - Duration: 1:08. FXTM 372 views. 1:08 . What are ...